How do you honor an individual that has been willing to give his  life for you?


Celebrating our Veterans

Veterans are an extraordinary example of citizens that have made a choice in their lives to selflessly and heroically give to their country  and to their community.

We celebrate those individuals from our extraordinary town of Pacific Palisades.


Gardens in the Park

Each of our five Gardens in the Park are the home of one of the five branches of our armed forces.

In each of these garden rooms, we celebrate an extraordinary veteran who has lived a noble life — not only in the military, but as giving members and role models in their communities.

Please click on any of these names for their biographies. 


Army Garden in the Park
William L. Bagnard

Navy Garden in the Park
Leonard H. McRoskey

Marines Garden in the Park
Donald J. Kendall, Donald Kendall, Bob Sinnott & Dr. John Sinnott, Jr.

Air Force Garden in the Park
Frank Skinner and Richard Partridge