Veterans Gardens.  A place to discover the most beautiful thing in the world.  You.


Dear Bocce Family,

Who would have guessed our bocce courts, in just two years, would be the wonderful home to 668 Palisadians, including 375 senior citizens.

As we all know, teams and true friendships have blossomed in so many beautiful ways — which go so beyond the game of bocce.


Palisades Bocce Family Challenge

I’d love to propose a challenge to all bocce teams in the leagues.

I propose that teams consider making a ‘team donation’ — which will be honored under the team (and its players’ names).

In the chart to the right, I would propose the following levels of donation for your team to consider.

Donations could be made at one time, or (for some of the donation levels) spread out over the next three years.  Any way that is comfortable for you.

If you are interested in donating outside of your team’s donation, please give a call (at 310.529.1400).

The more we are able to raise will assure us that Veterans Gardens, with its beautiful landscaping, picnic areas and ‘gardens in the park,’ its bocce courts, and all its programming — will always be a town project, held to the highest standards of integrity, beauty, and programming.

With substantial funding, we have several initiatives to significantly improve and expand Veterans Gardens and our town’s park — creating even more belonging and a sense of community.

This celebrates community. Belonging. Family. Celebrates the contribution of veterans in our lives. Celebrates the virtues and values we hold so dear in our town and in our lives.

We are  creating something we can all be very proud of – for generations to come.


Jimmy Dunne


The Trees of the Palisades

The gifting levels are designated by one of the beloved treasures of Pacific Palisades; its trees.

Here’s a little bit about the trees…

The stunning trees blanketing the bocce courts at Veterans Garden and at Will Rogers Park.

Live Oak
At Founders Island on Haverford and throughout Temescal Canyon — where our founding fathers first met to create their new town.

Purple Orchid
The beautiful flowered trees that line the outside of Veterans Gardens.  (In the future, with donations, they may extend all the way down to Alma Real!) 

The lovely blue-flowering tree along Radcliffe and throughout the Palisades 

Majestic trees all along Toyopa Drive (the wood of these trees was used for our bocce trophies created by Dennis Richardson and John Beaver).


For any questions or thoughts:

Kristen Chambers

Jimmy Dunne

Generous Donors in the Bocce Family

The Palisades community is so grateful for your thoughtful donations!

Lynn and Bill Bastien

Dalena and Thomas Hathaway
Richard Cassese
Evette and Dennis Richardson
Sheila Benko
Larry and Linda Friedman
Charlie and Jennifer Malaret

Peter Schermer
Maria and David Molloy
Sheryl and Jack Ballas
Joan Blanchard
Dean Christopher
Jeffrey Karish
Ilana Koch
Sandy Alarcon
Drew Danielle
Alissa and Peter Bartle
Erica and Brian McLoughlin
Amedeo Ferraro

Jan Eakins
Susan Corwin
Ann Banning-Wright and Hank Wright
Dianne Longaker
Ainslie and Steven Sugarman
Stephanie and Steven Dahlberg
Colin and Danielle Smeeton
Cynthia Seiler and Fazzy Nori
Trudy and Mehdi Razavi
Gretchen and John Arnold
Dolores Fritzsche
William Klein
Maureen and Ira Roth
Daniel Tenenbaum
Pamela Beauregard
Beth Berkowitz-Dutton and Raymond Dutton
Aly Bernstein
Tony and Frances Gundershaug
Gordon Gerson
Sarah and John Gibbons
Ellen Calcaterra
Annette Verge and Stan Stopka
Mary Cappelli and Bill Rosenthal
George Junger
Jeffrey Spitz
Vicky and Rich Miller
Shirley Bourke
Barbara Feick
Cornellius and Neal Sullivan
Sue Schmidt



You can click on the button above.

Or you can mail a check to:
Your Palisades Park
11030 Santa Monica Blvd., 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Your generous donation is tax deductible!  We’re a 501 (c3); checks or donations can be made to Your Palisades Park Improvement Corporation (a California nonprofit public benefit corporation).
EIN 32-0465792