Veterans Gardens.  A place to discover the most beautiful thing in the world.  You.


Veterans Gardens

A defining attribute of Palisadians is our love of community.

The schools, the churches, the synagogues are the footings that ground the rhythm of our town.   Our kids and parents of the Palisades know each other.  They share dreams.  They see each other on their blocks — and all around town.

How lucky are we to have the Palisades Village as an exciting new home, a new place to connect.

But the place that has always been there, that has always been the town home of belonging, of bonding, of defining who we are – is in our town park.

It’s where our kids have played baseball, taken ballet classes, had Easter Egg hunts.  It’s where the 4th of July Run starts and ends.  It’s where we’ve sat to watch summer movies, play tennis, and hang out with our dogs and pals.

And every time we have these moments, our bond with our town is a little bit stronger.  Who we are and who the town is blend just a little more.

The upper area of our town park was dying.  The trees weren’t being cared for.  The picnic area was buckled, dirty and tired.  The ground was hard and brown.  The muse of the Palisades no longer visited.

A handful of Palisadians dreamed of how this place could quiet you, put a blanket over you, and gently remind you of the heart of a Palisadian.  Of what we all value and hold dear.

Veterans Gardens was born, from the belly of an entire community of donations – shaping a new town jewel.  From a band of soldiers’ wish to honor its country.  From the will of a loyal son to draw a painting of his father’s heart.

The dream was a place to welcome all Palisadians.  For families, for friends, for individuals to always have a town sanctuary; and as gathering place for a treasure of our town – our seniors.

In the past two years, 730 Palisadians have played in the bocce leagues.  Bocce has blossomed into friendships, into teams, into teams getting together in homes — and traveling together for vacations.   

Every single day, Palisadians are enjoying their days in the “Gardens in the Park” at picnic tables, celebrating birthday parties and events — and sitting under its comforting trees.

Palisadians will vow to forever till the rich soil and preserve the soul of this garden.

A garden that is a lovely mirror of who we were, who we are, and who we dream to become.