“It Takes a Village”

All Palisadians of every age are so grateful for the generosity and heart of all the donors that are assuring that Veterans Gardens will always be a place to come to remind us of those values and qualities that elevate us.

The Bagnard Family

American Legion
Ronald Reagan
Pacific Palisades Post 283

Tina & Rick Caruso

Friends of Jimmy Dunne

Carey and Mike Skinner
Kathleen and Mike McRoskey
Rosa and Bob Sinnott

Cindy and Bill Simon

Ann and Bob Harter
Collier Gregory, USMC
Eileen and John Huarte
Haldis and Kurt Toppel
Jeanne and Steve Robinson
Jill and Mark Tabit Family
Kimi and Graham Culp
Mary and Jay Flaherty
Mary Ellen and Chris Kanoff
William Rutledge Family

Alicia and Bob Levitt
Cary and Will Singleton
Jay McCann
Joan and Kent Sather
Lynn and Mike Croft
* Lynn and Bill Bastien
Robert McCausland and Ernie White
Tanis and Bill McGregor

Carl and June Phelps
Cerisa Moncayo
Charlie and Lawry Meister
Judy and Steaven Jones
Kathy George and Steve Conforti
Katy and Peter Kreitler Family
Kelly and George Davis
Michael Edlen
Renee and Tom Harnsberger
Sara Tuck
Suzanne and Richard Norton
The Best Family
The Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club
The Whitesell Family

Aicher Family
Amy and James Childress
Ann and George Smith
Ashley and Walker Orgain
Barbara and John Ingram
Cheryl and Steve Crowe
Christopher Jennings
DeBard Johnson Family Foundation
Donna and Bob Fol
Jacquie and Harry McMahon Family
Jamie and Anabel Montgomery
Jim and Anita Miles
Jim Wiatt
Karen and Brett Sutherlin
Karen and Dan Grigsby
Ken Fearn
Kris and Mark Gibello
Kristin and Hunter Doble
Lelani and Brad Fauvre
Leslie and Ed Wilson Family
Leslie and Ryan Harter
Lisa and Brent St. John
Lynne Brickner and Jerry Gallard
Marian and John Niles
Nancy and Everett Maguire
Priscilla and James Halper
Richard Kuhlenschmidt and Betty-Jo Tilley
Sam and Jonathan Firestone
Sharon and George Browning
Steve and Lyn Miller
Sue Kohl
Suzanne and Charles Caldwell
* Dalena and Thomas Hathaway
* Richard Cassese
* Evette and Dennis Richardson
* Sheila Benko
* Larry and Linda Friedman
* Charlie and Jennifer Malaret


The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks thanks and acknowledges all donors for their generosity.


The McGregor Company
Inspire Entertainment
Tyler Development
Pamela Burton & Company
Enzo Caserta Landscaping
MG Skinner & Associates
The Tabit Group
Bel-Air Bay Club
Gustaf Soderbergh
Elle & Elle
Gerry and Suzanne Flynn
John Putnam


We are also so appreciative of these other generous supporters that have contributed to Veterans Gardens.

Ann Banning and Hank Wright
Anne and Chris Irvin
Arnie Wishnick
Becky and Jai Winding
Brenda Anderson & Tom Rohlf
Cathy Caldwell and Geoff Shelden
Celeste Pinto and Tom McLain
Chris Geller
Colleen McAndrews and Rob Wood
Daniela and Doug Winter
Debbie and Jim Schellenberg
Diana and Tad Allen
Dick and Janie Crane
Donna and Bob Fol
Gail and Dan Didden
Gary and Karen Shaw
Gregg Seltzer
Jennie and Fritz Burkart
John McNamee
Jorge and Alexa Villen
Judy and Bernie Orsini
Judy and Ted Howells
Karen and Gary Shaw
Katherine and Dale Kiefer
Kay Howe
Lee Trask and Scotty Bergstein
Lynn and Bill Bastein
Maida and Wally Hastings
Mary and Dana Martin
Mav and Michael Wojciechowski
Melinda and Gustaf Soderbergh
Melinda and Terry Casey
Nicholas Brown
Patrick and Elizabeth Ramsey
Patty and Fred Gaunt
Ruta and Bill Finestone
Susan and Jim Huser
Teresa and John Closson
The Chuck Black Family
The Keare Family
The Ramsey Family
The Whitesell Family

. . .

Peter Schermer
Maria and David Molloy
Sheryl and Jack Ballas
Joan Blanchard
Dean Christopher
Jeffrey Karish
Ilana Koch
Sandy Alarcon
Drew Danielle
Alissa and Peter Bartle
Erica and Brian McLoughlin
Amedeo Ferraro
Jan Eakins
Susan Corwin
Ann Banning-Wright and Hank Wright
Dianne Longaker
Ainslie and Steven Sugarman
Stephanie and Steven Dahlberg
Colin and Danielle Smeeton
Cynthia Seiler and Fazzy Nori
Trudy and Mehdi Razavi
Gretchen and John Arnold
Dolores Fritzsche
William Klein
Maureen and Ira Roth
Daniel Tenenbaum
Pamela Beauregard
Beth Berkowitz-Dutton and Raymond Dutton
Aly Bernstein
Tony and Frances Gundershaug
Gordon Gerson
Sarah and John Gibbons
Ellen Calcaterra
Annette Verge and Stan Stopka
Mary Cappelli and Bill Rosenthal
George Junger
Jeffrey Spitz
Vicky and Rich Miller
Shirley Bourke
Barbara Feick
Cornellius and Neal Sullivan
Sue Schmidt