Palisades Bocce Club is a proud member of USA Bocce.


Palisades Bocce Club

Palisades Bocce Club is an arm of “Your Palisades Park,” a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to create fabulous bocce initiatives that improve our Palisades Recreation Center for the betterment of our incredible town and community.

The mission of Palisades Bocce Club is to use the social sport of bocce to create a sense of belonging and a joy of community for Palisadians of all ages — by creating absolute best-of-class leagues and events.

We place great value on the art and integrity of creating experiences that will stand the test of time.  We know how hard it is, and yet how rewarding it is — to build solid foundations for leagues and events that touch so many lives.

We have a number of leagues in the hopper; catering to specific ages and groupings of Palisadians.

Stay tuned!