Bluejays.  Full of heart, joy and wonder.

The Blue Jays of Pacific Palisades


Pacific Palisades has created a fraternity of extraordinary women and men that passionately believe that giving back to your community matters.

Whether you’re 15 or 95.

Blue Jays embody all the attributes that we so cherish as Palisadians — a caring, selfless heart, a positive attitude, and a love and joy of life.

Blue Jays are the guardians of these qualities — and what could be a better place to serve as our town ambassadors than at Veterans Gardens?

Veterans Gardens celebrates the men and women of our town that made real choices, at a young age, to selflessly and courageously give to their country — and to their communities.

Veterans Gardens is meant to remind us, in the beauty and serenity of these gardens, of what our veterans heroically afforded each and every one of us — every single day.

The base of the flagpole speaks to both the attributes of our veterans — and to the attributes that we are driven to preserve, from generation to generation, in the hearts of all Palisadians.

Blue Jays volunteer a few hours every week or two weeks (always with another buddy/Blue Jay) to help run the bocce, chess and fitness leagues and events at Veterans Gardens — and give a helping hand to those visiting Veterans Gardens.  They can walk you through the five “Gardens in the Park” — each dedicated to one branch of our military services.

They know what love is.  They know what town means.  They know that you are the most  extraordinary thing in Veterans Gardens.

I hope you and your family have a chance to meet some of the Blue Jay at Veterans Gardens on your next visit.

You’ll be looking in the eyes of all that is beautiful in the Palisades.

If you’d like to be considered as a Blue Jay, please contact:

Carlyn Peterson
(310) 699-1200