Autumn 2023 Dolphin League Starts August 29!

2023 Autumn Dolphin League

You’ll be joining a group of the happiest, greatest, friendliest seniors in the world.

Last season’s leagues were a runaway smash hit.

865 Palisadians on 43 teams — enjoying the new friendships, the fun ‘after-party’ picnic lunches — and the bocce.

We’re starting things up again for the Autumn Leagues.

Players can be on the same teams, create new teams, or join the league for the first time.

Matches are each Tuesday at 11 AM or noon.  If you miss a few weeks, it’s all good.  A team just needs 4 players each week.

Right after you play, many teams have a picnic lunch together.  So fun.

No previous bocce experience necessary.  You can learn as you go.  You’ll be a star in no time.  Snappy awards for the winning teams.  Lots of other charming little extras along the way. 

$75 per player.
(Helps cover all costs associated with the operations, maintenance, and landscaping of the courts, and the programming of the bocce leagues.)


Regular Season Matches
August 29 – October 10
(4 teams from each Division will advance to Playoffs)

October 17
(8 teams will go down to 4)

Semis & Finals
October 24
(4 teams in Semis — Winners play for Championship)

Autumn Party
(To be determined)

Once we know all the teams and players that will be playing — we’ll get a schedule out to all players.

See you on the courts!


How to Register for the Autumn Dolphin League

If you played in the Summer Bocce League, skip #1 and go right to #2. 

If you’re new to the league or didn’t play in the Summer league, click on both #1 and #2 to register for the league.



Bocce Lessons for Teams and Individuals

Whether you’re beginners interested in learning the basics, or strong players that would love to knock your game up a notch with professional strategies — private and group lessons are now available.


Team Lessons are $175 for one hour.  As many players on your team as you’d like.

Individual lessons are $125 an hour (plus $20 for additional persons).  

Lessons are offered by USA Certified Bocce Professional Brennan Cassidy on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For lessons, please contact Jimmy Dunne to schedule a USA Bocce Professional. 
310.529.1400    I


Contact Us

With any questions, please reach out to:

Jimmy Dunne
Bocce Commissioner
Palisades Bocce Club
(310) 529.1400

Carlyn Peterson
(310) 699.1200

   Frequently Asked Questions

How many players should be on a team?

7-12.  This way, you’re likely to have 6 always coming to a given league match.

In a match, anywhere from 4 players to 8 players can play in a given match (maximum of 4 on each side of the court.)

You have to have 4 players for any match.

What happens if I miss a match?

It’s okay.  With 8-10 on a team, you can play as often as you’d like.  

When is the registration period over?

It’s likely you can get on a team even after the season starts.

But if you want to start a team, you need to register at least a few weeks before the start of the season.

What happens if it rains?

If a match is canceled, there will be a ‘make up’ date set.

How many bocce seasons will there be in a year?

Most likely three this year; Spring, Summer and Fall.


What do I bring and wear?

Comfortable clothes.  It’s all good.  Sneakers are best.  For the ladies, you don’t want heels…

Many of the teams have snappy uniforms!

The main thing to bring is a happy attitude!  You’re going to have so much fun…

What is the match format?

Each match will be ‘2 out of 3’ games.  Tie-breaker if you’re tied one game a piece.  Games are to 6 points.  Tie-breaker game is to 5 points.

You must have at least 4 players for a match.  2 play on each side.  If you have more players than that, they can split up on each side of the court.

If your team isn’t on the court ready to play by 10 minutes after the start time, you forfeit one game.  After 20 minutes, you forfeit the match.

You can play with balls that we will provide, or balls that you bring.